Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a comfortable place to sleep, even for those travelers who simply can’t stand sleeping in airports and prefer New York hotels. Physically the facility has many great places to sleep, including reclining chairs, adjustable armrests on many seats, and foot rests. The airport does seem to be a place where you’ll find the most interesting people who you might not feel completely comfortable sleeping around. The airport itself is rather well patrolled by security and theft, while an issue at most airports, shouldn’t be a major threat if you decide to take a nap.

The security at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol isn’t the most enthusiastic about people sleeping for too long or throughout the night and you may get woken up to make sure you’ve got a valid ticket and reason to be sleeping in an airport. It’s easy enough to move along though and find a comfortable place to sleep without going through a maze of terminals. The entire airport is designed with a single main terminal where all of the gates, shopping areas, and lounges can be found.

Due to its design, finding a quiet spot to rest can be difficult as there is heavy foot traffic around the clock. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is Europe’s 3rd largest airport servicing approximately 48 million passengers per year. There is a large shopping center in the middle of the airport that has food, mall shops, and duty-free items. Do your best to find a comfortable place to sleep as far away as you can from the shopping center (literally in the center of the airport) and find a nice reclining leather chair with a foot rest. You’ll be more than comfortable if you have to spend more time that you’d like at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

There are plenty of places to grab a cup of coffee or tea as well, but not many open in the late evening hours. It will be a bit of a challenge to find food or drink 24 hours a day but you’ll most likely be spending the late night hours counting sheep anyway. The airport has large luggage lockers that are very inexpensive places to safely store your carry-on and other luggage so you don’t have to worry about it as you sleep. If you have insomnia make sure to check out the Rijksmuseum exhibit of art or the rooftop airport view area, Panoramaterras.

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a wonderful place to sleep, if albeit it’s not the quietest.

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