Another Option Instead Of Sleeping In Airports

I know that sleeping at airports are becoming more and more popular but I tried something else recently I was in Miami and I rented a car from Sixt rent a car Miami for three days. The vehicle I received was a Ford Mustang I got upgraded for free it was awesome. I was worried about my flight to go back home because it left at 5 am the next morning and I did not want to pay for another night at my hotel in Miami that is expensive so I you already know what I did but yep. I slept in my rent a car near the beach.

I hoped in the passenger seat and laid down the seat and went to sleep. There was not a whole lot of space in the Ford Mustang but by moving over to the passenger seat it saved me a lot of space. So next time I plan on sleeping in a car I will definitely try to get a bigger rental car but it worked out great I saved over $100 doing so.

The next morning was the best because all I had to do to get ready was to hop in the driver’s seat and drive 20 minutes to the airport. It was very simple I did not have to pack or load my bags just drive. It took out a lot of stress of leaving the next day and sometimes it is very hard to get a good place to sleep at airports.

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So if you have an early flight departure it is always an option to also rent a car and sleep in it for a evening or to. But remember the more people who have the bigger rental car you will want to make sure everyone gets a great night sleep.

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