Ataturk International Airport – Istanbul

Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul is a modern and spacious facility that has a lots of space to sleep in both before and beyond the security gate. The airport, which see 29 million travelers each year has been recently renovated and has cafes with large comfortable couches, free wi-fi, and a number of shops that remain open 24 hours.

The airport itself is quiet between the hours of 10pm and about 4am when traffic really picks up. An airport that has the bulk of its flights scheduled for the daylight hours make that airport a great place to crash overnight. If you do end up having to catch a nap during the day because of a long layover or a missed flight there are a number of places to rest away from the foot traffic and commotion of the security lines and departure gates.

flight attendants in ataturk international airport ataturk international airport gates man in ataturk international airport

It’s easy to find coffee in the hotel for when you need a pick-me-up after dozing off for a few hours as there are two Starbucks (open most hours of the day) and several shops that sell strong Turkish coffee around the clock. The airport itself is well maintained and clean, with plenty of security visible – a good thing if you plan on taking a nap with your bags. Hopefully you’ve read my advice on how to sleep in an airport and secured and bags or luggage you have with you.

Ataturk International Airport’s wide open spaces, coffee around the clock, and plentiful soft couches and chairs make it a great airport to sleep in despite being one of the top 30 airports in the world and the 10th largest in Europe.

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