Australian Casinos To Visit Once You’ve Left The Airport

las vegas casino blackjackWhat many tired visitors to Australia may not realize is that the legal history of casino gambling in the country is quite short – with the industry only having been legalized in 1972. Nowadays it is a hugely popular activity there, as it is in much of the rest of the world, and it is likely that many visitors to Australia will want to visit one of the country’s casinos while they are there. To start with, if you have any real interest in the historical aspects of casino gambling in Australia you will surely want to visit the Wrest Point Hotel Casino, which is located in Tasmania’s Sandy Bay only three hours from the airport.

This establishment has the distinction of being the very first legal casino in the country, and was opened back in 1973. The casino surely boasts one of the most spectacular settings of any in the country, with a view onto the Derwent River which, alongside its historical significance, should make it somewhere even those who are not fanatical about casino are interested in visiting. However the Wrest Point Casino is certainly not the only notable one in Australia, with the Adelaide Casino also offering a fascinating experience for tourists, with the added bonus of being quite close to the airport.

The popular status is primarily due to where it is situated, right next to one of the most famous and historic structures in the city of Adelaide – the Adelaide Railway Station, which enjoys heritage listed status. Anyone visiting Adelaide for tourist purposes will surely want to take in the beauty of this building, and while they are there, it will be convenient to visit the Casino – which also boasts excellent dining facilities. You can enjoy the food and drink there, while also playing some of the brilliant selection of casino games which are on offer there. It might be easier to play in an online casino on a bench at the airport, but the company just doesn’t match to what you can have at the casino. The Adelaide Casino is also particularly noted for its table games, being the only casino in that state to have a license for these games.

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