How To Find A Good Place To Sleep In The Airport

Sleeping in airports is an art and with some work, experience, and an idea of what to look for you can scope a good place to sleep in any airport around the world, even if it’s not one of the best. Here’s what you can do to get the best place in the airport and make the most of your time so you arrive at your destination refreshed.


  1. Start Early! You need to begin looking for a good place to sleep in the airport as soon as you arrive. A crowded flight with many tired passengers with long layovers might be landing right as you walk around strolling the duty-free shops. Do whatever you need to do fast and first then go look for a spot.
  2. Get A Corner. You’ll want a wall on at least one side but two is better. This makes you a much more difficult target for pickpockets and other types of opportunistic thieves. It’s also a bit more comfortable and can be warmer than having nothing to lean against.
  3. Try To Get Between A Bathroom and A Cafe. Try and find a spot between a place you can grab a bite (or some coffee) and a restroom. You don’t want to be too close to either, especially not the bathrooms, but since these are the two places you’ll frequent most it’ll lessen the time you have to be away from your ideal sleeping spot. The closer you are the less likely someone will get a chance to steal it.
  4. Keep The Volume Low. Don’t blast your iPod speakers to drown out the world around you. Aside from making it easier for someone to walk away with your stuff, you’re libel not to hear your cell phone alarm or announcements of gate changes. If you really sleep late you’ll also miss the last minute calls for your name and miss your flight.
  5. Stock Up. Places to eat and drink open and close at various times depending the airport you’re stuck in. Stock up on the snacks and drinks you want so you don’t have to keep getting up every time you get the munchies. There’s nothing worse than sleeping in an airport without anything to eat in the middle of the night.

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Use the vibrate function on your cell phone and keep it in your pocket. Set it at least an hour and a half before you’re boarding time to give you enough snoozes to feel rested but without missing your flight. You may not think an airport can be a comfortable place but you’d be surprised what flight and travel fatigue can do to you. With some planning you can make any airport into a nice temporary hostel on your way to another destination.


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