Kiev Boryspil International Airport

Kiev’s Boryspil International Airport is small but what’s inside makes it one of the best airports to sleep in. The atmosphere is lively during the day and evening hours but late into the night it’s quiet, although conveniently two of its bars stays open nearly 24 hours. The seats themselves don’t have armrests, one of the features that makes a good sleeping airport, and cleaning staff won’t wake you. Neither will the security staff, who nonchalantly keep an eye on things but don’t disturb sleeping travelers.

Additionally, although it’s something that is almost too specific to mention, the temperature is kept relatively comfortable. Most airports, especially in the late evening hours, tend to get much colder, as the air conditioning units don’t have hundreds of warm bodies to content with. At Boryspil International Airport however, the air conditioning fans are left off much of time at night. The ambient temperature isn’t too warm or humid to be uncomfortable however, just not freezing enough to keep you from getting some shut-eye.

Kiev Boryspil International Airport Kiev Boryspil International Airport

Boryspil International Airport seems to be expanding, which might make it more interesting if you’re experiencing long bouts of insomnia the next time you’ve got to spend a long layover in Kiev’s major airport. Hopefully though they won’t change the dynamic and conditions that have made Boryspil International Airport such a delightful place to sleep in. (Well, relatively speaking for an airport of course.) There is also free wireless throughout the building making it that much more tolerable when you’ve got nowhere else to go.

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