Singapore Changi Airport

singapore changi airport terminal 2Singapore is a city-state that knows how to put comfort into the design of its travel services. Singapore Airlines is one of the most comfortable carriers around the world and it’s airport is a well designed and spacious compliment to the city. The airport itself sees about 38 million travelers a year but its 4 large terminals are well equipped to handle the traffic. There is plenty of things to keep you occupied including a large shopping mall in the center of the airport.

The gates and resting areas are located around the peripheries of the airport and you won’t be bothered by noise from security lines or passengers running to catch a flight. The airport itself is generally off peak from about 3am to the morning hours of 9am. Even during peak hours it’s difficult not to find a quiet spot in Singapore Changi Airport making it a nice alternative to Singapore airport hotels.

The nice thing about sleeping in Singapore Changi Airport is there aren’t arm rests on all of the seats – something that is important in any airport you want (or have) to sleep in. Of all of the airports around the world, Singapore Changi Airport is probably one of the best you’ll find, even in Asia. The entire region has great airports to sleep in, including Seoul Incheon and Hong Kong International Airport.

If you’re looking for a place to catch some shuteye with nicer surroundings than the typical gate or runway view, Singapore Changi Airport has 6 open-air garden areas. There are also two lounges with napping areas open 24 hours a day passengers can use. The entire airport is also under the supervision of the Singapore Police Force who keeps a watchful eye over the entire facility.

It’s still a good idea to keep an eye on your bags while you nap (or tie the zippers of your bags around your wrist in case anyone tries to make off with them) but it’s an airport with a low incidence of crime or theft. Singapore Changi Airport is one of, if not the best airport to sleep in around the world.

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