Top Things To Do At Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong International Airport is built to keep travelers happy, whether they are passing through or spending the night. No matter how much time you find yourself with while in Hong Kong Airport, there are countless ways to pass the time.

Hong Kong International opened in 1998, and has won eight Skytrax World Airport Awards for commendable customer satisfaction since then. The young airport was recently announced the Skytrax World Airport of the Year in 2011, and being the 11th busiest airport in the world probably helped win its case.

The airport has two main terminals and even what they call SkyPier, which provides timely ferry service for transit passengers. The two terminals plus SkyPier each offering special shopping opportunities, while Terminals 1 and 2 also offer dining and other entertainment.

Terminal 1 is massive and has plenty of shopping options, whether you are looking for anything from electronics to jewelry. In addition to 3 large Duty Free shops, the terminal also boasts high end designer shops and spas.

hong kong airport inside duty free shops hong kong airport inside hong kong airport

If you are feeling hungry while waiting around in Terminal 1, you have your choice of several restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and fast food joints. There are several Asian and Chinese food options, in addition to even more fast food options, including Burger King and McDonald’s. For those traveling long hours who are looking for a caffeine boost, it is encouraging to know that there are several Starbucks coffee shops throughout Terminal 1 alone that are open early and close late.

Opened in 2007, Terminal 2 of Hong Kong International Airport is newer and offers similar shopping and dining experiences to those of Terminal 1, but without as many options. There are late night and 24 hour food and coffee options if you just can’t shake off the jet lag. Terminal 2 differs from Terminal 1 in that it offers unique entertainment options for those who have to spend some time at the airport in between flights. The i-Sports center will keep you entertained for hours. It offers several sports simulators, simulating from soccer to car racing. i-Sports is open from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. daily.

If you are a golfer, the Sky City Nine Eagles Golf Course will catch your attention. Located on the premises of the airport, and close to Terminal 2, is Hong Kong’s first 9 hole golf course built to US standards. Keeping the passenger in mind, the golfing facility provides equipment rental options, baggage storage, enough lighting to play after dark, and more.

There is always the classic laptop and free wi-fi combination to keep you entertained during a long layover. There is a free internet connection throughout the airport, with some areas having a stronger connection than others. The food, shopping, and entertainment options at Hong Kong International Airport easily make it one of the best airports to get stuck in on that long layover.

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